I was dumb enough to allow myself an honorable discharge and went through transferring my skills to the civilian world. It didn’t work. I felt terribly alone, tired and with very little to look forward to. I have since been diagnosed PTSD, Hypervigilance disorder, insomnia, bi lateral major hearing loss and tinnitus in both ears, two cracked lower vertebrae and the standard issue crap knees n hips.
There is an open air of honesty and a smell of wood in this little oasis. I feel renewed every time I go there to work on my board. I can just stop and enjoy the making of something very personal for me by me. The beauty of this is time. I can talk if I want or just zero into the act of creating. My partner has noticed that I come home more relaxed for being there and will generally go to bed with little need of my sleeping meds. There is definitely something very special about this place and the process of building a board here.