The Boogie Table




The Boogie Table. A hollow wooden coffee table built to catch waves.

We all love coffee and kicking our feet up. Come build your very own functional piece of art inspired by the ocean and our love for our living rooms.

Functionality and fun meet style and flare.

The Boogie Table is a fully functioning bodyboard built to catch you heaps of waves and heaps of fun. Attach some legs and it is also a bespoke unique and truly original coffee table.

The workshop caters to all levels of experience from novice to pro, we will guide you step by step to create a beautiful functional timber art piece that you’ll be super proud of.

The Boogie Table Workshop is run over 12 sessions of approximately 1.5 to 3 hours each.

The workshop facilitates psychosocial, meaningful engagement, and work readiness programs. We expand community engagement and reintegration through shared passions and individual projects.

Course outline.


1x History, theory and design of a hollow wooden surfboards and bodyboards. Timber choice and building the decks

1x Making the frame of the board.

1x Affixing bottom deck to frame and creating fixing points for leg attachments.

1x Affix top deck

1x Define outline shape and prepare for rails

1x Attach rails

4x Shaping rails

2x Finishing

The board is finished with epoxy acrylic resin and fibreglass for durability and functionality.


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