Custom Built Board




A bespoke one of a kind hollow wooden surfboard built at Connected By, handcrafted just for you.

Whether its for a gift or a corporate eye catcher, we have a sled for you that will blow your mind. Adorned with your special touch or corporate logo, this will become a special piece in any collection.

These boards aren’t just special because they are handcrafted out of timber, or because no one else in the world will have one just like yours, or that that take around 100 hours to hand build and finish, they are special because of the people they support and represent.

Each Custom board pays it forward, to you and your family, but also to these in need. All profits from the sale of custom boards goes straight back into Connected By to offer greater opportunities for purpose and passion to those who have experienced traumatic or life changing events. Your board will create the opportunity for two people to build their own boards as they rides the waves of life.

Our testimonials tell our tale, we would love to share a beautiful hollow wooden board with you, so you can share it with others.


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