Build your own Surfboard


Paddle less and catch more waves and be prepared to froth like a grommet. Beautiful in the water or on a wall.


This is our main workshop where you can build your own hollow wooden surfboard from 5 to 9ft.

You can build a mini simmons, a fish, a mini or micro mal al the way up to a 9ft Mal, Twin Fin, Single Fin, round nose, snub nose, swallow tail, pin tail, square tail, flyers, anything from 5 to 9ft.

We have 6 different frames which we use, from these frames you can pretty much build anything you want, just let us know the size of board your after and some style element you’re looking for and we can choose the best frame to get you frothing.

All of the boards we build have an old school feel, we integrate modern design elements to make sure you catch heaps of waves and have bundles of fun. Because the boards are made of timber they’ll be a little heavier than a foam core board but they’ll be heaps stronger and heaps more fun. We don’t copy or replicate board, we make one of a kind froth monsters.

We will guide you through the build and help you dial your board in setting the rocker, nose and tail shape, rail profiles, and fin setup. This isn’t just a build it’s a learning experience that will get you surfing better in your mind and in the water whether you surf or not. The build is around 60 to 80 hours but that can be extended with communication. Any boards left stagnant for more than 12 months will get two phone calls or messages to see if you’re still keen and then they will be completed and used as charity boards for raffle sand auctions


The build including glassing cost $1800.


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