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Build your own hollow wooden

Bodyboards, surfboards, paddleboards


Our hollow wooden bodyboards are the perfect entry board for first time builders. Easy to manage in the workshop and in the water. These boards can be built and ready for glassing in 6 half days.


Build a functional hollow wooden surfboard, from a 5 foot fish to a 9 foot malibu. Create an amazing functional art piece that will look just as good on the wall as in the water.


Build a yourself an amazing hollow wooden paddleboard. Create something specific for the surf, for flat water, or something in between to get the best out of any conditions.

If you are unsure of anything or require more information please refer to Bodhi Tree Surfboards, everything is the same it's just the name and business structure that have changed to grow into the future.

Bodhi Tree Surfboards builds custom boards and creates and supplies frames for DIY builds, it doesn't run workshops. Bodhi Tree Surfboards proudly recommends Connected By as the premium hollow wooden board workshop to get your froth on.

If you want a custom board or frame contact Bodhi Tree Surfboards.

If you want to build your own or get a gift voucher to blow someones mind and you still can, we just have a different name and I have some catching up to do.

Until we transfer all of the info please enjoy both sites and if you have any questions don't hesitate to send me an email

The heart of the workshop

Connected By Inc. started life as a dream within the heart of Bodhi Tree Surfboards, it was a dream to give more people the opportunity to build their own boards, it has grown into a place for people to learn and share and engage in challenging and creative pursuits.

Bodhi Tree Surfboards can still build you a one of a kind custom board, for private or corporate or charity. But if you want to build your own amazing hollow wooden surfboard Connected By is now the shed that will get you frothing. Check out @bodhitreesurf on Instagram or facebook to get an idea of the process and the boards.

Our Connected By Water workshops will guide you to create a one of a kind hollow wooden surfboard that you'll be stoked to show your mates and proud to show your family.

Our workshops cater for all skill levels, we work with you to get the best out of your abilities at each stage of the process. We explain the principals of surfboard dynamics and the "how and why" of each design element to make a functional custom built hollow wooden surfboard.

Each build takes around 60 to 80 hours, we can help you to do it quicker but we prefer that you take your time. We aim for each build to be completed in 3 months with regular visits but we understand that sometimes things don't go to plan and we can work with you to make a plan for a clean finish.



Build your own Bodyboard

This is our entry level workshop, built over approximately 6 half days and then professionally glassed to last. Like all of our workshops we will work with you to find a time that works to get you started and we'll .

If you're a Mum or a Dad you can build a lid with your kid. Creating a functional art piece while you have an amazexperience building a board that will be with you as you surf the waves of life together.

The board is about 4ft long and has about 25ltrs displacement, it's a beast and a wave magnet.



The build including glassing is $800

Boards from 5ft to 8ft

This is our main workshop build, where you can build anything from 5 to 8ft.

You can build a mini simmons, a fish, a mini or micro mal, Twin Fin, Single Fin from 5 to 8ft.

We will guide you through the build and help you dial your board in setting the rocker, nose and tail shape, rail profiles, and fin setup. This isn't just a build it's a learning experience that will get you surfing better in your mind and in the water whether you surf or not. The build is around 60 to 80 hours.

Let us know what size you're after and together we'll work out the best frame to achieve your dream.

The build costs $1800 including glassing.

9ft Malibu

Our 9ft malibu is called the "TWO STROKE" because thats how many paddles you'll need to catch pretty much anything you want.

It's a more advanced build with a longer rail and a few more rocker parameters to factor in but we promise it will be worth it. We can help you set the rocker and rails for how ever you surf, we can make it more forgiving if you take off a little late and edgier if you want to turn on a dime, or we can help you create an old school nose rider that you'll be able to do a cheater 5 and maybe hang ten if you have the skills and can find the waves.



The build costs $1800 including glassing.


If you prefer to be on the water not in the water our standup paddleboards will get you frothy.

You can build a 9ft board for the surf or a 10ft board for the river.

The 9ft surf paddleboard is a great all-rounder and can be used on flat water if you're after the versatility. The 10ft board has a sleek outline and a rocker profile made that allows for a longer stroke and a straighter track, perfect for the river and ocean paddling.

The paddleboard build is around 80 hours to complete.

The build including glassing is $3025 including glassing