Anzac day community paddle out

Anzac Day Paddle Out

What this is about

The Anzac Day Community Paddle out.

It is with great respect for the Anzac spirit that Connected By Inc invites you to the Anzac Day Community Paddle Out.

The idea for the paddle out came about from the recognition that there are members of our community who are unable to attend regular Anzac Day services or commemorations. The reasons they may not be able to attend include things like; fear of crowds, gunfire, physical disabilities, access to events and other personal and social reasons. The paddle out was also inspired as a way to bring the wider surfing community together to commemorate Anzac Day. We see the paddle out as a commemoration that any coastal community or group can take part in.

The paddle out is not designed to take away from traditional dawn services or marches, we urge anyone and everyone who is able to attend local services and marches to show your respect and give remembrance.

As a community event all members of the community are welcome to attend.

What to bring

Bring your boards, family and wetsuits. 

the when and where

The event will be held at Leighton Beach on Anzac day the 25th of April. The event will run 9:00am-10:30am. The muster point will be on the grassed area outside the Orange Box, once everyone is collected we will head on down to the beach and get started on the ceremony. 

Run sheet of the day


  • Muster at the grassed area near the Orange Box. 
  • Make your way down to the beach with your boards.
  • Approach one of the designated volunteers to get your name ticked off.


  • Hop in the water
  • Form a circle in the water 


  • Anzac speech delivered by Greg Wallace 
  • A minutes silence 
  • Jet Flyover
  • Water fight!


  • Exit water 
  • Approach volunteers to get signed off 
  • Head back to Connected By workshop for food and drinks.


There's no allocated parking for this event but if you head over to Bracks street, North Fremantle you should be able to secure a park without much difficulty. It is 300m away from the Orange box. NOTE: There is disabled parking at Leighton Beach car park.